Friday, April 29, 2011

Cambridge Sophomore Jacquil Taylor Impresses

Jacquil Taylor is growing both in height and as a basketball prospect

This past weekend we got a chance to take a look at Cambridge's 6'9" Center  Jacquil Taylor as he played for the Prodigy Basketball Club 16u team in the Mass Rivals Easter One Day Shootout at Woburn High School.    Taylor is long, has good athleticism, a decent skill package, and excellent motor, and a great disposition on the basketball court.  Taylor played well at this event and did many good things as he showed off a variety of low post moves that included traditional drop-steps that resulted in a couple of pretty dunks, along with some up-and-unders, as well as a couple of turn-around bankers.   Taylor was most impressive when he was filling lanes as he is exceptionally quick getting up and down the court.  He also rebounded and led transition a couple of times looking rather comfortable with the ball in his hands.   With his length and speed, we can sure see Taylor filling the lanes and finishing easy baskets in the college game.  Taylor also played aggressive and hard and was very much a leader on the basketball court.  Overall, we were much impressed with the lanky sophomore.

The question that continues to remain for Taylor, who is without doubt a division 1 prospect, is what position he will be play at the division 1 college level.  We personally would like to see him move away from the basket some and transition into a four-man who can knock down shots from the perimeter and put the ball to the floor some in the half court game.   After watching Taylor play and examining his skill set, it is apparent that this could become a reality for Taylor.  His ability to turn himself into a step-away-four would raise his stock significantly.